Creating a Digital Front Door for Health Care @ BCG Platinion

BCG Platinion; BCG Digital Ventures

Tristan Hoag; Dutch MacDonald; H.R. Shiever; Sherif Choudhry; Eike Kock; Lilin Huang; Alison Rushworth; David Trumpey

Edited by: Joaquim Cardoso, BCG

Case Study

What was the problem?

Our client, a leading integrated health system, wanted to use technology to create a more seamless, customer-centric experience for patients. 

What was the approach?

  • Using human-centered-design principles, 
  • we interviewed more than 100 individuals to understand their pain points in interacting with the broader US health care system. 

What was the diagnostic? 

  • Overly complex systems that made it difficult to get answers about care or to access billing information. 

What was the solution?

  • These insights informed our design of a digital front door: 
    an easy-to-navigate portal for the full health care journey. 
  • Significantly, the system can triage patients, providing a level of diagnosis that may negate the need for in-person care. 

What are the results?

  • Indeed, our client estimates that the digital product is responsible for 1,500 fewer hospitalizations each year.

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