The Ecosystem of Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care

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Using the power of data and digital connectivity, digitally enabled medical technologies in diabetes facilitate self-management, strengthen interactions with care teams, and improve outcomes and quality of life for people with diabetes.

The digital transformation of diabetes care is not achievable with medical technologies alone, however. It requires policymakers and health systems to actively support their usage.

Learn more about the ecosystem of digitally enabled diabetes care in our latest infographic.

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MedTech Europe publishes new infographic explaining the ecosystem of digitally enabled diabetes care

Posted on 06.10.2021

MedTech Europe’s Diabetes Sector Group published an infographic outlining the ecosystem of digitally enabled diabetes care and the role of medical technology within it.

The infographic seeks to better define the often blurry concept of digitally enabled diabetes care, as well as educate non-experts on these technologies and the value they bring. The design explains four core categories of medical technologies for diabetes management, as well as three key services these devices enable via digital connectivity and data flows.

The infographic is a part of the development of the Diabetes Sector Group’s wider Value narrative, which aims to tell a clear story on (1) what digitally enabled devices and services in diabetes are; (2) the value they bring different stakeholders; (3) the systemic issues preventing uptake; and (4) potential future directions. Previous work that contributed to this narrative include the EIU Digital Diabetes Index and the Vision paper on the future of care.

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