joaquim Cardoso

  • Researcher, Professor, Editor and Health Strategy Consultant
  • Senior Advisor for BCG Global – AI Healthcare team
  • Independent Advisor for Health Transformation – Health Strategy, Digital Health and Cancer Strategy

André Medici

  • Senior Social Development Economist, with strong experience in health economics and health policies, but also in pensions, education, labor market and social protection.
  • Previous positions as staff member and consulting services includes international organizations, multilateral Banks and Brazilian Government at Federal and State levels.
  • Large teaching and research experience in Univesities and Colleges, mostly in Brazil and Latin America.

Édson Araújo

  • World Bank’s task team leader in Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde.
  • He led the World Bank global program on human resources for health, which focused on assisting countries with implementing evidence-based health workforce policies in the context of health system strengthening strategy and UHC goals.
  • Edson’s work on health workforce includes the analysis of health labor markets, measurement of health workforce performance, and the application of stated preference methods to elicit health workers’ employment preferences.