Statement of the procurement profession

Executive Summary

Key insights of the “State of the Procurement Profession Survey 2022“

University of Mannheim
Christoph Bode | Ruth Schültken | Marcell Vollmer

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Joaquim Cardoso MSc.
The Health Revolution — Institute
Procurement Institute

June 27, 2022

  • Cost remains the dominant objective in procurement. Sustainability ranks lowest among all objectives — even at companies that position themselves as highly sustainable

  • Employees are more satisfied with their procurement organization when its culture fosters a high level of entrepreneurial orientation

  • Data quality and difficulties in finding and hiring qualified employees are the largest performance roadblocks for procurement

  • When implementing sustainability, B2C companies tend to lack abilities while B2B companies tend to lack motivation and opportunities

  • Companies in a cost leadership position pursue a single sourcing strategy more often than other companies

  • Most procurement employees are in this profession because they consider it fun and enjoy the work

  • Covid-19 has shifted the emphasis to higher levels of inventory and closer relationships with suppliers

  • Satisfaction with the own procurement organization is decreasing while performance is increasingly affected by roadblocks

  • Smaller procurement organizations and companies selling mainly products are lagging in the digital transformation

Procurement employees still do their job because they enjoy it, even though they are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their procurement organization and the performance of their procurement organization is increasingly affected by roadblocks

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